Dr. Gatza Launches www.TotalShakeSystem.com, an Online Store for Total Shake System Sales!

After 19 years, 10,000 patients, and over 3000 formula combinations, Dr. James Gatza is positive his new Total Shake System is perfect and knows that it can help almost everyone look better, have more energy, and improve their overall health in a little as 21 days! In fact, he actually guarantees it! And now you can buy it at www.TotalShakeSystem.com

The Total Shake System is a nutritional supplement program, that consists of three phases: Total Detox; Total Restore; and Total Energy; which has been clinically proven to assist patients with a variety of health related conditions, such as arthritis, aging skin, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive disorders, and other chronic health related issues.

“As a doctor, I felt my job was to cure patients, not just treat them”, says Dr. Gatza. “The medical industry is built upon the “revolving door” mentality of treating the symptoms NOT the root cause of the problem. Each year, thousands of medications are prescribed, yet poor health statistics continue to increase. Because of this, I decided to study the cause behind most chronic conditions and found that most human conditions are created by (2) problems — body toxicity & nutrient deficiency”. Gatza adds, “These finding led me to the creation of the Total Shake and subsequent Total Shake System”.

The Total Shake System™ is engineered in such a way as to deliver over 49 powerful nutrients directly into the human bloodstream. These nutrients serve two purposes: (1) to provide the liver and intestines with the exact nutrients they need to detoxify and (2), to fill the body with the abundance of the vital nutrients it needs to rebuild itself to full health. Total Shake™ is manufactured exclusively to Dr. Gatza’s exact formulations by one of the world’s leading vitamin producers, and includes only the finest quality hypoallergenic ingredients. The Total Shake nutrient powder is specially formulated in such a way that it is easily digested and fully assimilated by your body.

Total Shake is an important part of Dr. Gatza’s Total Shake System program to improve overall health and restore the body back to full efficiency. His patients also achieved substantial weight loss, better sleep, and more energy, while employing the Total Shake System.

Once only available in his Clearwater private practice, the Total Shake and Total Shake System are now available worldwide at http://www.TotalShakeSystem.com

About Precision Nutrients:
Precision Nutrients is a provider of high-quality nutritional supplements and is backed by years of dedicated research, millions of dollars in development, and Dr. Gatza’s relentless passion for creating products that offer real benefits and health solutions for millions. More then just a vitamin supplier, Precision Nutrients offers an independently guaranteed system designed to get the human body healthy.

For More Information Contact:
Brent David, Director of Public Relations



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